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Linkedin4Lawyers: Margo Rose’s New Blog

July 3, 2010
digital media marketing

Margo Rose, M.Ed. HRD, Social Media Expert

For the past year, I have been blogging as HR Margo.  You may have been a reader of  This journey has led me down the path of blogging as a social media strategist, a human resources professional, and a new media expert. Last year, I was retained by a law firm to consult on ways to make their website more compelling. As project manager for their website, I brought together a team of professionals that created a dynamic, optimized site.

In addition, I helped them create an outstanding linkedin presence. I trained the lawyers not just why it’s important to be on linkedin, but how critical it is to have a complete profile with rich key words embedded to increase their inbound marketing endeavors. This led to referrals to work with other larger firms, and now I am passionate about serving the legal community.

Social media, new media, digital media, digital marketing, whatever you choose to call it, is my calling,  and my vision for how I can bring solutions to the legal services industry.

This blog is currently under construction.  Please bear with me.  I want my first post to set the stage for my new line of services for social learning, social media communities, and digital marketing.  I find solutions to show you how social media relates directly to lawyers.  Social Media is great for indirect marketing.  Direct marketing is not always tasteful for attorneys.  Social media platforms allow you to pull people in, verses pushing advertising out.

It all begins with an assessment, a strategy, and a plan to help you maximize your legal brand.  It’s a low cost way to blend social media marketing into your advertising mix.  I know how to solve problems, and create opportunities. I’ve been actively consulting with attorneys in Cincinnati, Ohio for the past year.

I am best known for my training workshop, Linkedin4lawyers, hence the name for this blog.   I have discovered that a small percentage of attorneys are harnessing the power of linkedin to develop new streams of revenue.   Attorneys who are linkedin,  are not using groups for networking, knowledge sharing, and new business development.

With linkedin’s privacy features, you are able to lock down your contacts so that other people can’t see them.  At the same time, it allows you to use search features to find out critical pieces of information about people in your community.

Social media, social platforms, new media, and digital marketing is absolutely relevant to the legal community.  In fact, the early adopters of social media in the legal services community, are paving the way for the rest of the legal industry. However, there’s a lot of room for growth.

That’s where I come into the picture. I help sole practitioners, and law firms how to decide which social strategy will best meet their needs.

I look forward to blogging as linkedin4lawyers, and as I continue to build this new site, I look forward to having you follow my rss feed, add my blog to your google reader, or have my posts emailed directly to you.

My goal is to provide content that will guide the new user, and advanced linkedin user alike.

Whether it’s a coaching session, seminar series, or strategy session I will work with you until you are satisfied  I guarantee, you will benefit from the articles and links I will post.

If you retain my services will help you make the decision that is fits with your overall objectives.  Recently, I lead a linkedin4lawyers workshop. The attorneys present asked, “Why is it important to have a linkedin profile if I’m already a busy attorney?”  In future posts,  I will answer these questions and more.

This theme is temporary, however; I like it because it suggests the concept of the road less traveled.  The digital media experience truly is the road less traveled.


Margo Rose, M.Ed., HRD
Your Linkedin & Social Media Strategist

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  1. July 4, 2010 1:36 am

    Well Margo, You are truly gifted, so many talents and insights. I love the breath of fresh air you brought to the “stuffy” legal profession. Keep your name though!
    Have a Great July 4th

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